Wednesday, September 30th, starts another season for the Los Angeles Lakers. It is the start of training camp. This season is an opportunity to defend their championship. The one major change to their championship lineup is the loss of Trevor Ariza and the addition of Ron Artest.

Much has been written about the comparison between Ariza and Artest. To Lakers fans, Trevor Ariza was a favourite. Fans and the basketball beat writers have made endless comparisons about the differences and the similarities between these two players.

One factor is often forgotten.

For various reasons, like suspensions and injuries, Ron Artest has not played a complete season. The most games in a season that Ron Artest has had is seventy six. If he plays the full regular season schedule of eighty two games, it will be the first time that Ron Artest has accomplished that in his NBA career.

Ron Artest will be thirty years old. His first NBA season was the 1999 – 2000 campaign. He wants to play for a championship team. A part of that will be remaining healthy and available for the whole season.

Catherine Forsythe