Today I spent a part of my lunch time working on a PC that is to go to a friend of the family. It’s an AMD Sempron based system — nothing to write home about. But with the additional RAM I plan on adding, it will be perfect for the person that is to receive it.

He is at a turning point in his life. Once a contractor/house flipper, he is now going back to school due to certain physical limitations that prevent him from doing this anymore; I was all too happy to save him a mint in having to buy his first computer.

One of the classes being taken by this person, however, has me a bit perplexed. Apparently some of the software tools provided are via floppy disk. Yes, you read this right. The school is using software that is based on the ancient floppy media!

While the school at least has the sense to have students transporting their work home with them on USB Flash drives, the floppy drive means I have to pull apart one of my very old junkers to salvage an old drive for just this purpose. Sure, I could buy one from any of the various online shops out there, but the whole point of this was to give this guy a leg up on technology — not a trip down media memory lane.

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