There should be an image here!Normally, I have no interest or problem with Friendster. Honestly, they are about as much on my radar as day time TV. But this news about Friendster working with Intellius is rather disturbing.

The official idea behind the partnership seems simple enough: “to provide a more robust and comprehensive user search experience on Friendster and to power people searches originating on Friendster with results from across the web.” But there are some concerns over some of Intellius’ own business practices before this deal.

According to this recent TechCrunch post, Intelius has a questionable history with allegedly “tricking users into long term credit card subscriptions for what have been described as worthless privacy protection products.” Even if there is some question here as to whether this is what is planned with Friendster, just the past lawsuits with Intelius should be enough to get people to stand-up and take notice.