Do you regularly comment on blogs and other online content? Commenting gives you a way to say what’s on your mind about something specific and interact with other users and visitors, which is nice, but then again, those comments are usually isolated to a single page. People visiting the page will see what you had to say, but that amount of attention is very minimal compared with all of the other people who may be interested in what you had to say but will never see it unless they visit that specific page. A commenting service called Fytch makes comments more public and open to everyone.

The service is used through a bookmarklet and makes commenting possible even on sites that don’t have commenting functionality by design. You can comment on a page as a whole or select a specific portion of a page that your comment refers to, which is pretty useful. Additionally, you’ll be able to see what other Fytch users have said and follow their comments, but don’t think that this service is only useful for people who use Fytch because user comments are pushed out to their own public profile enabling everyone to see what they’re commenting on.