Google is now offering Website Translator Gadget that will make your website available in 51 different languages. Google admits that the translator is not perfect and is not a substitute for a translator. However they also state that the reader would get the ‘gist’ of what is on your website.

According to the Google Blog it also states that:

Today happens to be International Translation Day, and we’d like to take the opportunity to celebrate the contributions of translators all over the world. These translators play an essential role in enabling global communication, and with the rapid growth and ease of access to digital content, the need for them is greater than ever. We hope that professional translators, along with translation tools such as Google Translator Toolkit and this Translate gadget, will continue to help make the world’s content more accessible to everyone.

I can see this as a valuable tool to increase traffic to your web site and help in communicating what you want those from other countries to know about your site.So if you have a website give this tool a try. Check out the link below for more information concerning the Website Translation Gadget from Google.

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Source – Google Blog