Previously writing about BumpTop 3D Desktop, I’ve found it fun to use. It actually transformed a Windows XP box of mine into something that I actually thought was better than Vista.  But is this just a toy or a real contender to replace a Windows Desktop? Now that BumpTop 3D Desktop includes multi-touch, will it find a bigger group of followers?

According to BumpTop, its product offers the following advantages:

A while back, we gave you a sneak preview of some of the new multi-touch features we were hard at work on this summer. I showed off our basic gestures, but mentioned that we’re a few really cool gestures that I couldn’t tell you about yet. Well, I’m happy to say that I can finally talk about them. Today, we’re announcing BumpTop 1.2, which contains some awesome new multi-touch features for Windows 7.

Pan and Zoom

As you’d expect with any multi-touch application, BumpTop uses multi-touch gestures to pan and zoom. Dragging with two fingers on the desktop will pan the view around your desktop. Spreading two fingers apart on the desktop zooms in, and pinching the fingers together zooms out. You can also the spread/pinch gestures on individual items to grow and shrink them. Pretty cool, eh?

If you would like to try out the free version of BumpTop 3D, check out the link below. In order to use the multi-touch feature, you must have multi-touch hardware.

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