How long must people in rural areas wait for broadband? Honestly, it is anyone’s guess at this time. We remain a laughing stock in comparison to other industrialized nations in this area. And while it is true that we have more land mass than some of those nations, it does not change the fact that, overall, most people in the US have very poor connections even if they do have broadband.

But here is where it becomes truly sad: we are lagging in broadband quality with countries like Iceland and Lithuania. Seriously? This is unbelievable! While I am not a big fan of “let’s give it all away” in place of a business model, I do think it is about time that the choice to participate in this spending becomes available to more individuals.

Maybe the government should just nationalize it? I don’t fully believe this is the answer either. Rather, I would love to see some huge incentives for existing ISPs to get off their butts and provide WiMAX type solutions in areas where laying down fiber is just too costly. But that is but a dream I suppose. Thankfully for me, I actually chose to move into a housing development that was laying down FiOS as my house was built. Lucky me, I guess.

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