With so much great content on the Internet, it can be difficult to pick and choose what you want to read on a regular basis. With that said, many of us have our own personal collection of sites that we enjoy reading on a daily basis, and in a way, this content is kind of like our daily newspaper. Of course, reading content online is much different than reading it in print, and speaking from personal experience, there are times when I’d rather hold paper in my hands than stare at a screen. A service called zinepal.com makes online content printable.

The ability to print online content has always been available, but the way in which zinepal.com formats the content helps to make it an attractive solution. You just enter the URLs that you want to select stories from (you can also use content from Google News and Google Blog Search results, providing an interesting way to stay informed about coverage of a certain topic) and create your nicely formatted document that reads more like a newspaper or magazine. While we’re mainly talking about printing this document, you can also just enjoy the formatting on your computer screen if you wish to do that instead.