According to the latest statistics, in homes that have computers, Mac is at 12% market share. That is up from 9% from the year before. Which does make one believe that those Apple ads may be working after all. Or is it that Vista was so crappy [according to some]  that people decided to change?  Whatever the reason, Apple is gaining market share.

According to this article it states the following information:

From the Press Release:

Multiple computer ownership is a common thread in Apple computer households, with 66 per cent of households owning three or more computers, compared to just 29 per cent of Windows PC households. Apple owning households are decidedly more mobile as well, with 72 percent of them owning a notebook, whereas only 50 percent of households that have a Windows PC own a notebook.

“Not only do Apple computer owners own more computers (and more mobile computers) than the norm they also tend to own more types of electronics, and more of them, than typical computer owning households. For example, while 36 per cent of total computer owning households have an iPod, 63 per cent of Apple households have one. And while almost 50 per cent of Apple owners own some type of navigation system, only about 30 per cent of all computer households own one.”

Why do you think that Apple computers have gained in popularity? Were you once a PC user who made the switch to a Mac? Share your experience with us.

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