There should be an image here!It’s always cracked me up when someone goes out of their way to purchase a brand new notebook, knowing full well it was designed for Vista, then try to install Linux into it. Then when issues regarding the cheap Broadcom Wi-Fi chipset come up, frustration starts.

Look, if you are buying new anyway, let me set you straight. Stay away from big box stores. Instead, consider System76 (Ubuntu 64bit) or ZaReason (Ubuntu/ No OS but supports most distros easily). Taking this approach will translate into a working notebook with Intel Wi-Fi (System76 gives you 802.11N). Best of all, you will be getting tech support from people with a clue.

But hey, if you can shave a few bucks off buying a Dell or some other model elsewhere that claims to provide Linux support… good luck with that. I have tried Dell’s Ubuntu offerings and let me tell you, it SUCKS big time. My experience, personally.

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