The folks over at Skype, the free VoIP company, are happy that AT&T has opened their 3G network for their clients to use. In a blog post, the Skype team states that its offering of an iPhone and iPod touch device application is now on 10% of the Apple products. The blog posting also states that:

All of us at Skype applaud today’s announcement by AT&T (in an FCC filing to be published shortly – update, it’s here in PDF format) that it’ll open up its 3G network to Internet calling applications such as Skype. It’s the right step for AT&T, Apple, millions of mobile Skype users and the Internet itself.

Nonetheless, the positive actions of one company are no substitute for a government policy that protects openness and benefits consumers. We’re all looking forward to further developments that will let people use Skype on any device, on any network.

It is interesting to see that AT&T and Apple have accepted the Skype app, but bounced back Google’s app at the same time. Do you think that the love between Apple and Google has turned lukewarm? LOL

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