There should be an image here!Based on what I have been reading in this article, it seems pretty clear to me that social media has got to be a massive pain for China’s censors. Imagine trying to censor on Twitter or Facebook posts in real time? Honestly am not convinced this is possible, but I might be wrong. Perhaps China will instead, look at a delayed approach to the social web.

Existing Chinese Internet censorship has been described as a cat and mouse game. And this is just with keeping up on email, blog posts and so forth. Imagine the nightmare that would come up for government censors trying to keep tabs on a crisis happening in real time over the social media networks! It would be craziness – free speech would prevail and China’s government is not having it.

No, I suspect that China might eventually look into offering a single site destination where Twitter and Facebook APIs can be plugged into a government site where things are filtered and approved. Hardly real time, but I can see the censors going for something like this. It’s either than or they ban the social media sites completely.