Do you think email will ever die? [Which do you check more often: Twitter or your Inbox?]

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Is Office 2010 Starter Edition the new crapware? [That’s a bit dramatic, I think.]

Bombing the moon isn’t the same as getting bombed and mooning. I think.

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Out of 19 tested WebKit browsers, no two are exactly the same. [Including Safari and Chrome.]

When your operating system fails, just blame the beta testers! [It’s like being in kindergarten again!]

FTC To Bloggers: “Psych!” [$11,000 fine for bloggers is “not true.”]

Twitter’s new plan: offering promised gold for silver now. [“Is there gold in them thar tweets?”]

If you’re looking for the best way to maintain your home or office network, look no further than SolarWinds.

Aspirin misuse may have made the 1918 flu pandemic worse. [Worse? Doesn’t sound like it was fun to start with.]

Doctors “see” tinnitus with magnetoencephalography.

College students vote smarter than expected. [Expected by whom?]

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GoToAssist can help you provide instant support to clients, friends, or family members.

Here’s what I just composed. [Think you can do better?]

Does Windows 7 boot up faster than Vista? [What have your experiences been with the RC?]

Keylogging, not phishing, is suspected in the recent, large-scale email attack.

Are nVidia & ATI in a race to see which can reach ultimate FUBAR first?

Microsoft dodges a bullet fired 10 years ago. [Does this make Microsoft faster than a not-so-speeding bullet?]

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