There should be an image here!I really wish people would be more careful with their Windows PCs. Seriously, there is just no excuse to allow your machine to become a part of a botnet unwittingly these days. Yet despite my feelings on the matter, they are still very much a part of our lives.

In this article, we begin to see what I can malware 2.0. Instead of merely turning your PC into an infested wasteland, with popups and so forth, the above linked article describes a DNS poisoning scheme that leads you down a much more dangerous path.

Imagine browsing what you think is Google, complete with logo and seemingly organic search results. But the ads provided are actually for sites/pages not sanctioned by the given search engine. It’s rather frightening if you stop and think about how difficult it might be to detect this. Again, keep your security software up to date or better yet, choose a platform not targeted with this junk.