One of the new, lesser-known features of Windows 7 is PC Safeguard. The feature is primarily geared towards someone who shares their home computer with other users, such a children, but require their computer returned to the original state when another users logs off. In other words, any changes made by other users should not be saved.

More specifically, PC Safeguard:

  • Prevents system setting changes
  • Prevents the installation of applications and other software
  • Prevents the user from writing to the disk outside of their user profile
  • Data saved inside of the user profile is deleted when the user logs off

To enable PC Safeguard:

  1. Click the Start menu and click Control Panel.
  2. Open User Accounts and click Manage Another Account.
  3. Select the user account for which you want to enable PC Safeguard.
  4. Click Setup PC Safeguard. Verify that Turn on PC Safeguard is selected.
  5. Click Apply.