As work continues on the Unite part of the Opera browser, so does the addressing of any small problems in the mail parts of browser and mail program.

Though I have not experienced any, there are obviously some there, as the list of bug fixes notes them, and notes in which version of the program they occur, Linux, Mac, or Windows.

A note to those that might be worried about security holes in Unite – You can use these beta versions, which might remove your problems with the browser, and leave the Unite code dormant. That way you have your fixes, without any security holes exposed.

An announcement from Tech Connect gives us –

Fans of the Opera browser can now get a feel of the latest Opera 10.10 builds which have been provided for Windows, Mac OS and Linux-powered systems. The changes brought by this new snapshots include:

User Interface

– Fixed Bug DSK-261431 (Autoupdate dialog minimize not functional (grayed out) when status bar is disabled)

– Fixed Bug DSK-265531 (String for describing Turbo compression rate must should be more intuitive)

– Fixed Bug DSK-267231 (Opera can crash when clicking “Download and install” in autoupdate dialog)


– Fixed Bug CORE-21092 ([+] not converted to space in queryItems collection values)

– Fixed Bug CORE-22737 (Changing src of iframe adds history position)

– Fixed Bug CORE-23692 (Dynamically created contentEditable elements aren’t editable unless html has contentEditable initially)

– Fixed Bug DSK-251545 (Regression: can’t scroll by grabbing the slider, it moves widget instead)

– Fixed Bug DSK-262517 (Crash when opening downloaded widget)

Opera Unite

– Improved Unite discoverability (links to launch services from the Opera Unite Home, Unite panel is now open by default)

– Some UPnP Service Discovery improvements

– Updated Messenger to a more recent version

– Removed the Sonar service from the packaged services

– ‘Upgrade’ now only possible with a newer version of a service

– Updated version numbers for all preinstalled apps, updated Messenger with lots of graphical fixes

– Fixed some encoding issues

– IP changes detection enabled

– Partial Fix of Bug DSK-267464 (Open Unite panel by default (clean install))


– Changed default installation path for Opera 10.10

– Further Fix to Bug DSK-254648 (Crash when trying to use IME in a removed text field)


– Removed broken UPNP tweak

– Reverted tweak to always use JavaScript direct execution (caused plugin problems)


– Removed incorrect translations of Opera name

– Fixed Bug DSK-265994 (Keyboard shortcuts stop working and window confusion)

– Fixed Bug DSK-266471 (Missing/wrong checkmarks in checkboxes)

– Fixed Bug DSK-267467 (Crash when exiting KDE 4 and Opera is running)


Opera is the browser I choose, because it does what is needed, with little fuss, and gives me an interface I like, with ways of making the things I do very easy. I haven’t found anyone who really gives Opera a try to not like it, and I have converted many people.

No matter the reasons, whether by design or lack of use by the masses, Opera is a secure browser, and is, by their own admission, the choice of the people who make it their business to hack and make life difficult for others.  (Proof of its security, and of the long standing truism that ‘there is no honor among thieves’)


Critics are to authors what dogs are to lamp-posts.

Jeffrey Robinson

Opera, the fastest and most secure web browser this takes you to the non-beta release, if you want the newest beta, go to the hyperlink above, for each OS