It all starts with a simple idea: movable type, television, Internet and $4 coffee. Everyone has big ideas, but few people are able to capitalize on them. Typically, this is because they lack the confidence, support and initiative to carry. Social media now offers unprecedented opportunities to share and refine ideas, and take them to market. In fact, I’ve figured out a simple methodology for Tweeting your way to an early retirement, in six easy steps.

Step 1: Create, optimize and promote a Twitter account. Share your ideas regularly via Twitter. Your followers will provide feedback in the form of retweets, replies and direct messages regarding which ideas are worthy of further exploration.

Step 2: Create a blog. Expand on your best Twitter ideas in 2 to 3 paragraphs in blog posts. Provide basic background, personal anecdotes and promote your posts as appropriate to generate additional comments.

Step 3: Write an article. Based on feedback on your blog post, create a more extensive article (1,500+ words) including detailed background research, key components and testimonials or case studies.

Step 4: Create a compelling presentation. Boil down key content and structure from your article into a PowerPoint presentation. Secure speaking engagements locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Step 5: Write a book. Use the article and presentation as the basis for a business book. Utilize your newly developed network from the speaking circuit to secure an agent and publisher. Expand speaking engagements to sell more books.

Step 6: Build a franchise. Develop follow-on books based on your original theme. Secure guest writers to contribute to the books via your network. Option the book as a movie. Secure rights and royalties to your likeness. Develop complementary products. Hit the talk show circuit.

By the time you’ve create a “Chicken Soup for the Soul”-like franchise, you will be an industry pundit that will generate sufficient revenue from speaking engagements, royalties and product endorsements to retire early. And it all starts with one Tweet.