Motorola was down in the dumps before they introduced the RAZR in 2004. Motorola revolutionized the size of phones with the RAZR which became wildly popular. I remember a friend of mine paying a ton of money for one and showing it off. Up until the iPhone came along, the future seemed to be tilting toward insanely small phones. Suddenly the tides changed. People started buying smartphones that were a little bigger in size as wireless networks got faster and could do more. Motorola’s RAZR and other smaller phones were left out in the cold.

Motorola was late to the fight with their Q phone. It ran Windows Mobile, an OS that has been dying for years. I know 2 people that purchased this phone only to return it for a BlackBerry. Both said that they just couldn’t get the phone to run reliably. Many others also seemed to hold the opinion that a BlackBerry or iPhone were just the way to go when going for a smartphone.

In a last gasp for air, Motorola is now introducing an Android device. It looks like a boxy mess to me. The HTC Hero looks a lot sleeker. I also would prefer to buy something from a company that has more experience making Android phones. It looks like Motorola will join Palm in exiting the phone market.