If you’re like me, then you receive a seemingly endless amount of e-mail. This can be a very frustrating thing to deal with because you never actually feel like you’ve caught up with the chaos. As soon as you read the latest messages in your Inbox, even more come in, and so the story continues. More than likely, the majority of the e-mails that you receive are just for you and aren’t necessarily of any interest to other people, but there are probably times when you receive a message that you would like to share with other people. Forwarding it to people you know is one option, but if you truly want to share it with the public, Moomeo is an interesting solution.

With this service, all you do is send the e-mail to the generic e-mail address that the site provides and you’ll receive a link to a Web page that contains the e-mail. No registration is required, so it’s very quick and easy to do. Moomeo removes the e-mail addresses from the message to protect the contact information of the people involved, displays any attachments, and has social sharing support. This is a nice solution to an interesting problem.