For years Google Street View has raised privacy concerns. The images of people and locations were put online without expressed permission. In some countries, there has been a debate as to whether Google was contravening the privacy laws of existing legislation.

Now, in Canada, there is concern that the Street View service may be used as a criminal tool:

“… Mates has been trained by the Ottawa police to do free security audits for people who request them. He checks locks, windows, doors and lighting, then offers tips on how to make the house more secure. He is also a member of an Ottawa neighbourhood watch group.

He thinks Google Street View makes things too easy for burglars to see whether the house has sliding windows, for example, which are less secure than other kinds.”

link: Google Street View may help thieves

With faces in the images, Google has attempted to appease privacy concerns by using face-blurring technology. It will be interesting to see how the “don’t-be-evil” company handles this security concern.

Catherine Forsythe