Twitter has a new spam program it is introducing that it hopes will stop spammers in their tracks. Twitter users will be able to report sites and followers they suspect are spamming and can opt out from contact with the spammer. Though the program won’t actually close down a spamming follower, it will hopefully protect users.

The folks at Twitter also state on their blog:

Folks can now help us conquer spam by calling our attention to a profile they find questionable. Click the “Report as spam” button under the Actions section of a profile‚Äôs sidebar and our Trust and Safety team will check it out to see what needs to be done. No automated action will be taken as a result of reporting a user as spam (in other words, it can’t be used to incite an angry mob against an account you don’t like.) And once you report a profile it will automatically be blocked from following or replying to you. You nailed it!

Our spam fighting tools will continue to evolve as new behaviors emerge, and as always, we’ll keep trust and safety at the top of our list.

So there you have it. A new protection that can help Twitter users to keep the spammers away.

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