Last evening I started up my Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate edition computer and bang! Up popped the infamous Blue Screen Of Death. You know the screen. The one with the cryptic codes that flash on the screen before you can even read it and the computer reboots. What was odd was that this same box ran Vista without even a whimper. In fact my Vista laptop runs great without even a hiccup.

So when Windows 7 crashed I was kind of taken back. I thought this was the new super-duper operating system that Microsoft finally got right. The new and improved Vista. Kind of a son or daughter of Vista with all of the bugs finally worked out.  Or is it?

I’m still kind of surprised and a little ticked off that this has happened. I need my computers working correctly and can not afford to have them acting up. I have a 8 year old computer running Windows XP that has never crashed. Not even once in 8 years ! Enough said.

It will be interesting to see how well Windows 7 functions once it arrives next week. I am almost tempted to order a Vista laptop but feel kind of stupid since I have been recommending to family, friends and clients to wait for Windows 7.

I am hoping this was just a fluke.

Comments welcome.