Over at CNET, writer Dong Ngo has an interesting article in which he has made a comparison of Microsoft’s Windows 7 and Apple’s Snow Leopard. The writer states he used the same computer to run both operating systems individually, using the new Bootcamp version 3.0 which he states made Windows run even better on a Mac. He also went on the explain exactly what Bootcamp does, which I personally found interesting, since I know so little about Macs. He states the following:

Just to clarify, Boot Camp is not a virtual environment but simply a bundle of native Windows drivers–software that makes the OS work properly with hardware components. These drivers include chipset, video, networking, and so on. As a matter of fact, you can get most of these drivers from the components’ manufacturers (or via Windows update). However, Boot Camp also contains drivers for Apple’s proprietary hardware including the iSight Webcam, keyboard backlight, and multitouch mouse pad, and therefore it’s best to get this bundle instead of looking for drivers individually.

For the sake of transparency (I know a lot of you feel passionately about one operating system or the other), I will disclose how I conducted my testing so you can duplicate it if you want. There’s no rocket science involved here; all you need is a good stopwatch, a MacBook Pro, and a lot of time.

About the test system:

First off, the test machine is a 15-inch unibody MacBook Pro with a 2.5GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB of RAM, and a 512MB Nvidia GeForce 9600M GT video card. This is the 2008 model of the computer that comes with a removable battery and doesn’t have the SD card slot. (This is not the latest 2009 model that comes with a nonremovable battery, which packs a lot more juice.)

He then used two identical hard disks, which he was able to swap out to do the testing. He basically used a stop watch to time the experiment and came up with some not so startling results. I believe that most of us are familiar with the assets and limitations of both operating systems and the tests tend to prove what we already know.

Here are some of the results condensed. You can read the entire article and see the charts at the link below.

Snow Leopard consistently beats Windows 7 in many general performance areas.

Windows 7 noticeably outdoes Snow Leopard in the 3D image rendering benchmark.

Windows 7 plays 3D games better than Snow Leopard.

Snow Leopard lasted significantly longer than Windows 7 on a single charge.

So there you have it. This experiment seems to me to be straightforward. What I would like to see is this same experiment done using Windows Vista. 🙂

Comments welcome.

Source – CNET