Opinions are like noses, and sometimes they all blow, so you may regard this as just another if you wish. I do think, however, that some people have an over-bloated sense of universal knowledge, i.e. knowledge of the universe.

I am referring to the blogger who started the current flap, by stating that Vista was a perfectly good operating system from the very start.

He, and those people clinging to this opinion, are clearly not thinking clearly (pun fully intended).

Not only was Vista born prematurely, it was like many premature things, unable to recover from the early birth, and never quite what it should have been. Vista should have been a beta that was kept in house, after the proud parents stopped celebrating and had a chance to see what ugliness they had wrought in the full, harsh daylight.

The other shoe now dropping? Well, that is something to be placed squarely at Microsoft’s doorstep, as the problems of driver availability should have been covered by Microsoft; if it was not possible to prod the reticent companies into delivering acceptable product. Microsoft was the final arbiter of when Vista was ‘baked’, and should have not delivered a ‘half-baked’ product. The driver problems are still partly the fault of Microsoft, as it was the one to deliver the architecture changes that necessitated driver changes. If there was miscommunication, it was up to Microsoft to ensure that the fine points were correct.

Oh, and none of that garbage about what a Herculean task it would have been to check all the drivers – a simple check of one nVidia and one ATi card would have revealed that Vista was not ready for prime time. It could have been accomplished by letting two Microsoft engineers loose with a copy of Vista and the above hardware, with drivers of that period. What other drivers were going to power Vista’s Aero effects? It certainly was not going to happen with Intel Extreme(ly Bad) Graphics 2.

So, enough of the blame sharing, Microsoft was certainly the one to blame, and no amount of shifting to the driver suppliers, or the press, will change that.  Microsoft has wide shoulders, and the small amount of persecution over Vista could be what powers a much better Windows 7.

Long Zheng may have started something, but after a half a second of reflection, it was only a tempest in a very small teapot.


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