Air travel has become a process of arriving early at the airport and waiting. The long lines have become part of the ‘airport experience’, along with security checks and other surprises. For example, your laptop can be seized without any obvious, stated reason.

Jonathan Ages, writing for Forbes Traveler, has some sound tips for air travelers:

“… the time that you fly matters, too. “If you’re traveling on Sunday afternoon,” he says, “be prepared for Amateur Day.” Book your flight on a weekday morning before 9 a.m., so you’ll be traveling with predominantly business travelers who speed through security. For his part, Schneier always chooses the line with the most seasoned-looking fliers. “They know what the deal is.”

Don’t randomly choose a security lane, either…”

link: How to beat the airport security line

The days ‘of not being concerned because I-have-done-nothing-wrong’ are a distant memory. Everyone is suspect. Now it is a matter of avoiding (or at least decreasing) the time and bother of proving your innocence.

Catherine Forsythe