While Apple users will be quick to point out the flaws that come with using Windows 7, such as the headaches in migrating from XP, they are nuts if they think Joe Average is going to rush out to spend a grand plus on new hardware just to avoid the hassle. Not going to happen with most people, although I am sure it will with those who have plenty of resources.

Nope, Windows 7 will not likely see much competition from any operating system save one: XP. Yes, that old 2001 OS is still around and kicking. And in Microsoft’s infinite lack of grounded reality, it has decided to make sure that you must be using Vista if you wish to do a straight upgrade. Sadly, I can tell you right now that 99% of the XP users out there are totally unaware of this. Oh, this is going to be great press!

So even assuming people do decide to create to compatibility frustrations with select legacy software with an upgrade to Windows 7 from XP by doing a clean install, how many times have you had people you know swear they still had the CDs for their most valued software. Yeah, exactly.

Coming full circle back to Apple, I do see the company gaining a spike in sales during the release period of Windows 7. There will be plenty of college kids flush with student loan checks they are looking to get geared up for their classes. When presented with the two options, sadly OS X is the sexier choice amongst most students these days. But the regular Joe or Jane is not likely to be among them this time. Not because the product is bad, rather the fact that their existing hardware is already working and sitting right there in front of them. Call it a “hunch.”

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