The current market conditions have affected employee engagement in the workplace and managers are constantly looking for ways to keep their teams engaged. One such way is to ensure your team is kept up-to-date and knows what is going on, even when the news is bad. However, many people, managers that is, feel that bad news should not be shared with employees. Instead, they feel the bad news should be kept secret and everyone should continue on as if nothing is happening, when in fact, the opposite is true.

From an employee perspective, bad news is far better than no news at all. Not only does it eliminate speculation, it also builds trust with employees. Delivering bad news to your team shows your willingness to be open and forthcoming with them.

Although delivering bad news is in fact positive when it comes to employee engagement, special care needs to be taken when delivering the actual news. For example, bad news should not be delivered via email. Team meetings or one-one sessions with each of your team members is a better approach. In addition, make sure you are available afterwards to listen to their concerns and feedback.

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