Read about this latest “Kindle-Killer” today and I must admit, it sounds interesting. But unlike other eBook readers that completely lacked Amazon’s huge libarary, it appears that B&N might actually have this covered with the Nook eBook reader.

The Nook is thin, looks pretty simple to use and frankly, based on what I am reading, blows the Kindle out of the water. Powered by Android, providing both b&w e-Ink plus a color touchscreen, the B&N Nook also does something very important: it supports open eBook formats. Nice.

Now before getting too excited, realize that it is the same price as the Kindle 2 and is not available yet. Something to get excited about is being able and FREE to share eBooks with others even if they do not own the same device. What a concept – sharing your reading material. This reminds of me of something us old folks used to do with something called BOOKS. Glad to see the eBook readers catching up!

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