Apple has released a new mouse today, one that no longer uses the Mighty Mouse moniker, as it was found that the cartoon rodent was not amused by their use of his name.

The mouse not only loses its name, but the buttons that controlled it, and the small ‘scroll ball’ that many believed was a source of trouble, because it would get dirtied up with oils, detritus, and lint.

This new mouse is a touch and feel mouse, long before Microsoft has a chance to score big with touch and feel with Windows 7. This multitouch mouse begins its life as the Apple Magic Mouse, ready to cast a spell over the prospective user.

ComputerWorld reported it thus-

Apple on Tuesday banished the 2005-vintage Mighty Mouse and its wireless sibling to the ash heap of history, replacing them with a new wireless Magic Mouse that features a multi-touch surface on its entire top side.

The new mouse, which ships standard with the new iMac models announced today, does more than let you right- and left-click. You can use a single finger to scroll around–not just up and down or side to side, either. Within supported apps, such as Preview, you can scroll in any direction.

The Magic Mouse also supports swipe gestures, though not the same ones you’ll find in Apple’s multi-touch trackpads. Swiping left with two fingers in Safari will move you back a page, and in a stack of images in iPhoto, swiping left or right with two fingers will take you to the previous or next photo, respectively.

The Magic Mouse is powered by two AA batteries, and Apple says they’ll power the mouse for approximately four months.

How many people will want to try one of these with a PC? I know I’d like to at least give it a go for about 30 minutes to see if it can weave its spell over me. Apple has almost as much sway with me as Microsoft, when it comes to hardware. I tend to love Microsoft mice. I also tend to love Apple mice, and keyboards.

I’m certain there will be Windows drivers, because of all the people using Windows at least part time on their Macs. It might be time for a white mouse again…


mskeyboard-athe Magic Mouse has to be at least as big as the MS 3-finger board…

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