The Microsoft Security Essentials product is very nice for a free product, and becomes a good line of defense for the otherwise indolent. The computer merely has to be on, and connected to the internet, in order to be updated at regular intervals.

But there exists a group of people who are not comfortable with the update schedule, or the possibility of Microsoft to push other things on there computer. All it takes is one bad download, and a reboot takes the machine from the land of glory to the land of ‘an error has occurred’. When the screen is black you don’t need Stephen Hawking to pronounce your computer the newest black hole in the universe.

Fortunately, it has come to someone’s attention at Redmond Central. It is now possible to update the MSE on your own schedule, and keep the auto-update features off.

A quick trip to and you can get the latest updates. The definitions are there, ripe for the picking.

The person who does this must be cautious and keep the schedule, because not doing so exposes the machine to anything that has come into being since the last update.

The MSE product has shown that it is more than rudimentary protection, but its greatest downfall might be that many will want constant protection, yet not want to leave the computer open to random updates not security related. This might start driving users back to the old standbys, from AVG, Avira, and Bit Defender.

I suppose it would be out of the question to hope for an unhinging of the two reasons for Windows Update. It seems that it would make sense, as divide and conquer should speed each product delivery โ€“ no, that makes too much sense.




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