After a two hour session in front of the Windows 7 computer, I was just about at my wit’s end. I’m finding many things to like about Windows 7, but an equal number of things to hate. The things to like are the improved Aero look and feel (better and cleaner than Vista), the feel of it being snappier (and, though I have seen no one say a word about this – I believe that a great deal of it comes from the abbreviated sound scheme, which uses less CPU on older machines, and makes people believe that things are moving faster than they really are. It is an illusion, but we know that illusion becomes reality with these things.) I suppose I should have been working on this machine for much more of the time, because as many of the things that were changed for the better since the RC, most that I found objectionable were not changed one iota.

The things I hate all revolve around the fact that permissions are such a pain the butt, and the fact that things I should own, I don’t.  (When I say change permissions for this, and all below it in the directory tree, that is what should happen.) The second thing, which I hate with a white, burning heat, is the fact that there seems to be no way to get back to a standard menu system. Those of us left-brained individuals, who crave order in our universe, are driven crazy by the poor excuse that remains where once order was possible. To my way of thinking, this is some bunch of idiots trying to show that entropy is best, no matter what anyone else thinks.

I started looking around for a solution to this great problem, for I can fight with the permissions to get things as I wish, but designing a new menu to graft in is beyond my ken at this point. I have not programmed in C in over a decade.

It is nice to know, as I look around, that others share my views – and they don’t all seem to be over 40. One person who identified himself as fairly young put this up at the Annoyances website – it describes it so succinctly!

Since you ask – I tried Win7 RC and I lasted a day! Couldn’t stand that Start Menu any longer.

(1) You cannot expand the Win 7 Start Menu to provide a structured tree view. Everything you look at is confined within a small box at one end of the screen (a lot like Windows Explorer resized to a small window and without the folder view). So it is no longer possible to see graphically the logical pathways between the various sub-menus.

(2) You cannot customise the Win 7 Start Menu by drag-and-drop, and the folder view has been deleted from the Customize menu. So whatever pops up after you finish your upgrade, that’s what you are stuck with (unless you have special knowledge). And it probably won’t bear much resemblance to whatever you had in your original XP/Vista installation.

(3) You can no longer open sub-menus by hovering the cursor over them. Everything has to be *clicked* or it will just ignore you.

For better or worse, the Windows Classic Start Menu was a masterpiece of sound ergonomic design. Like the Volkswagen Beetle and the DC3, it soldiered on for years because there simply wasn’t a better way to do it; and I am at a loss to understand how anyone could seriously consider the Win7 Start Menu to be a step forward (“for the betterment of us all”, as one MVP had the gall to describe it in another forum).

There were two ways to change this behavior, but I have lost track of one, and the other, called CSMenu, is not working for me. I installed it, logged off and then back on, as requested by the program, and it took about 4 minutes to die, and no amount of cajoling would get it back to working order.

I can only assume it has not been refined in a while, and that one or more of the updates that Windows Update threw at me caused the problem. Perhaps the author will continue the work, the revision level is 0.9. (Though it did work for awhile, it did leave some things to be desired. I still cannot believe that the people at Microsoft would be so haphazard in their changes as to remove the hierarchical menu system, and have no way to restore it – they really are trying to screw with us left-brainers!)

If anyone knows anything about this – any part of this – please drop a comment or a note. It would be much appreciated. I have to use this on a daily basis to help others, and the psychiatrist bills would be too high.


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