Decisions, decisions, and more decisions. My wife and I finally made a decision of what we were going to do to replace her four-year-old Gateway laptop. At first she was going to take my one-year-old Toshiba 17″ laptop and I would buy a new one for myself. But I really like my lappy, which runs Windows Vista perfectly without any issues. It is just as fast as when I originally bought it, which in itself is a blessing.

So out I went to surf around to find what was available on the Internet. I was looking for a Toshiba 15.6″ screen, with an AMD Athlon and at least 3 GB of RAM running Windows 7 Home Premium. I also wanted a price of $600 or less. I eventually found what I was looking for at Best Buy, which also included free shipping. The price was only $449, which was surprising. It seems to me that this is a good deal.

What do you think? Deal or no deal?

For those who own a Toshiba laptop and wish to upgrade to Windows 7, Toshiba offers an upgrade assistant which takes you through the process, including updating the Toshiba software that comes with a new unit.

Comments welcome.

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