For those of you out there who are anxiously waiting for Windows 7, your wait is nearly over. And I know a few people out there who have claimed to already have their Windows 7 copies on pre-order — understandably so. Unlike the dog-slow speed of Vista, Windows 7 will run great on any PC that championed XP with a Gig of RAM. Microsoft really did well there. But despite all of this, the nagging question remains for many: Should you purchase it?

If you are a geek, a Windows user and someone not currently happy with Vista, YES. Clearly this is a resounding yes if you fall into that category. If you are buying a new PC tomorrow onward, then obviously you will not need to worry yourself about this. Your biggest decision will be deciding which release of the new OS to select.

So what about those of you currently running XP, quite happy with it and do not have any desire to drop the cash on the upgrade? On an existing PC, I can see little reason to bother, then. In my home for instance, we have no need to bother as Ubuntu is my primary OS and OS X is my wife’s. Yes, I do have an XP machine despite this, but it is used about three times a year at best. Nothing wrong with it or the OS; it just does not provide me with anything I need on a daily basis.

For everyone else though, I think that going with Windows 7 looks like fun. Tried some of the pre-release versions — definitely vastly better than Vista… which is currently serving me as a coaster at the moment.

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