If you’re really into science fiction, you may look up into the sky and imagine all of the sci-fi things that you’ve seen on countless television shows and movies. Of course, observing someone else’s vision is one thing, but creating your own is even better. In terms of outer space, when you think about how vast it is, you realize that there’s a lot to work with and many possibilities. A site called Galaxiki presents a fictional galaxy through a wiki that is created and maintained by the community.

If you’ve ever wanted to create stuff in space, then here’s your chance. Since the community is in charge, that means that everyone has a say in what goes on. To be clear, this isn’t really a game as much as it is a project. You can explore, name and edit objects in space like stars, build your own solar system, write sci-fi stories, and so on. It will take a special type of person to appreciate this experience, but they’re out there. What will you create?