Windows 7 is abuzz in the news right now — understandably so, as it was just released. But while there is no question that it is perhaps one of the best Windows releases, I am curious as to what your experience has been with it thus far? How is the stability, drivers and general overall performance been for you personally?

Back when I was trying out the early betas of Windows 7, I was amazed at how well it did with a PC using limited resources. Today I hear this is still the case and I think that is great. But the one thing I am curious about is the driver situation. Generally speaking, new Windows releases tend to struggle a bit with this. Has this been an issue for you with Windows 7?

Definitely hit the comments; let’s hear about your Windows 7 experiences. While I am merely looking for an editorial perspective on this, you might look at this as a great opportunity to share what you like or loathe about this new Windows release. Just hit the comments.