Over the years I have experienced the dreaded computer slowdown that plagues us all. But I learned once again why a clean install of the operating system sometimes offers the best results. Let me set the stage for what happened.

I recently replaced my wife’s three year old Gateway laptop with a new Toshiba laptop running Windows 7 which I will be covering in another article. The Gateway was running slowly for the past few months and I tried ALL of the cleaners, registry fixers, defragmentors, junk cleaners, fixers, you name it. The computer was still a slug.

So after backing up the files I did a full clean install using the built in recovery that came with the Gateway laptop. Everything went without a hitch and the system was returned to its original state when I first bought it. I installed SP3 for Windows XP and did all of the Windows updates.

Bottom line is that the system is now running faster than it was before.

This AM I saw an ad on TV for a company that promises to get your system running fast once again. I am sure you have seen the ads before. Instead of wasting your money on trying this product, may I recommend doing a clean install after you backup your stuff.

You will be surprised how well your system will run.

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