With the increasing reports of the flu and related complication, President Obama has declared a national health emergency. This allows for certain legal waivers to be lifted and patient care to be expedited.

It also means further opportunities for hackers and criminals to push out fake products:

“Fake Tamiflu is one of many bogus products being sold over the Internet that claim to prevent, treat or diagnose swine flu, says the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The agency has issued warnings about fraudulent claims to the Web marketers of more than 140 products, ranging from sprays or devices that supposedly sterilize surfaces or the air to dietary supplements touted for strengthening the immune system, the Associated Press reported.”

link: FDA Warns of Bogus Swine Flu Products

additional link: FDA Warns: Swine Flu Scams Lurk on the Internet

There is no low point for these criminals if there is an opportunity to profit.

Catherine Forsythe