Ok guys, I have been sitting on this information for weeks because I was forbidden to mention it, but since T-Mobile now has released, officially, the new rate plans I can finally talk about them.

If you haven’t yet seen the commercials or the website you are in for a treat.  T-Mobile has slashed prices for all inclusive plans.  Talk, Text and Web are now bundled.  Here’s the breakdown:

Even More Plan (Single Line)

Unlimited Talk Only = $49.99,

Unlimited Talk and Text = $59.99,

Unlimited Talk, Text and Web = $79.99

1000 Minutes only = $39.99

1000 Minutes and Unlimited Text = $49.99

1000 Minutes, Unlimited Text and Unlimited Web = $69.99

500 Minutes Only = $29.99

500 Minutes and Unlimited Text = $39.99

500 Minutes, Unlimited Text and Unlimited Web = $59.99

Even More Plus (2 Lines)

Unlimited Talk Only $79.99

Unlimited Talk and Unlimited Text = $99.99 ($30 More for each additional line after 2)

Unlimited Talk, Text and Web = $139.99 ($55 More for each additional line after 2)

1500 Minutes Only = $59.99

1500 minutes and Unlimited Text = $79.99

1500 minutes, unlimited Text and Web = $119.99

750 Minutes Only = $49.99

750 Minutes and Unlimited Text = $69.99

750 Minutes, Unlimited Text and Web = $109.99

I know some of the prices for additional lines after 2 are missing; I will give you that information at a later time.

While there are some qualifications and migration fees for customers under a current contract to have these plans, new customers can jump right on them.  In addition to these prices, these plans have NO CONTRACT.  You have the option to purchase the phone at full price immediately OR split the cost of the phone into 20, yes I said TWENTY, monthly payments.

These plans simply blow away anything AT&T, Verizon or Sprint have to offer and I am sure they will scramble to meet these offers.  They also seem to be targeted to the smaller providers that give unlimited everything like Cricket or Boost Mobile.

In addition to these plans there is also the option of “Even More” Plans (Without the plus).  The basic difference here is you get a discounted phone price in exchange for a 2 year agreement and you can only split the phone cost into 4 payments.  I’ll have more on these later.

These plans will take the place of ALL other plans T-Mobile currently has.

Check it out at T-Mobile!