While other companies like Blockbuster continue to have troubles in the movie rental business, Netflix continues to expand. In its latest offering, Netflix is going to be offering movie streams to owners of the popular Sony PS3 units. Current Netflix users with the $8.99 a month package for unlimited DVD rentals are automatically included in the movie stream currently being offered.

A recent article states:

Next month, the 9 million U.S. owners of Sony’s PlayStation 3 game consoles will have another entertainment option available to them: streaming movies and TV shows from Netflix.

The long-awaited announcement gives Netflix another distribution channel for its “Watch Instantly” service, which is already available via the Microsoft Xbox 360, a variety of Blu-ray players and HDTVs, TiVo and the Roku box.

Here is how it will work:

The PS3 implementation of Netflix is not the most elegant. PS3 owners will have to order a special, free disc from Netflix and pop it into their gaming console whenever they want to access the Netflix queue and watch a movie. Sony and Netflix seem to suggest this is a short-term solution, until an upgrade next year in the PS3 software.

It would appear that Netflix will continue to be the dominant force in the movie rental business along with Redbox outlets. As Netflix continues to expand its offerings there may come a time when we will be able to rent the latest DVD and Blu-ray disks online and have them streamed to our computers and TVs.

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