In the past, when I would watch an infomercial, usually because I was too lazy to go change the channel or find the remote, it amazed me how they exaggerated the way similar products worked.  For example, an infomercial for a food processor would show a man or woman attempting to cut vegetables and doing so very clumsily and with an obvious fake angry look.  Sometimes they would “get frustrated” and throw whatever tool they were using across the room.  It always made me a little mad at the way they would make the “old” product look like it was the worst idea ever created.

For some time I have noticed that these tactics have bled over into normal commercials.  In particular I saw one today advertising a brownie pan that included an insert to make sure the brownies came out square.  nice product really.  The thing is, the very first scene is a person cutting brownies in a normal pan.  Mind you, the person isn’t so much cutting them as they are sawing back and forth at different angles, almost hacking at it.

Another I remember was for a can opener.  You know the one that cuts on the side of the can so you can reseal it (pain in the butt to use, by the way).  In order to show how “ineffecient” the original can opener was a person used it, then stuck his finger quickly down, causing his finger to go completely inside the can.  The claim was that it was unsanitary to use a normal “outdated” can opener.

It may just be some kind of pet peeve I have but I think there should be some kind of regulation on this.  The advertisers should not be able to exaggerate the use of other products to that extent.  Are there really people that believe someone uses a normal can opener and then shoves their finger down to get the top off?

What are your thoughts?  Has a commercial caused you to NOT buy the product because of the feeling they believe you are so dumb as to believe their exaggerations have some sort of ties to reality?

See what I mean HERE.