Some of us are not as intuitive as others. There can be warning signs all over the place and still we do not clue in to what is happening. Other times we choose to ignore warning signs, hoping that they will just pass.

When it comes to job security, there are certain warning signs that may indicate lay-offs are coming. Some of the signs you should watch out for include:

  • Co-workers are giving you the cold shoulder or completely avoiding you
  • Co-workers are reluctant to discuss future projects with you
  • You are excluded from meetings that you used to be a part of
  • You do not receive any positive feedback during a performance review
  • Some of your responsibilities are handed off to co-workers
  • Your boss starts cancelling meetings with you
  • You no longer have your independence; your boss is constantly checking your work and looking over your shoulder
  • You receive a call to meet your boss at the Human Resources office

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