Of all the features that Opera 10 offers, the Turbo mode is not one of the things I use. I have a 7 Mb/s connection, so i am usually satisfied with my connection speed.

Others are using dial-up however, or possibly worse, a slow cable or DSL connection that a greedy provider classifies as broadband, but is truly not very broad at all.

The Opera Turbo mode provides relief, similar to the way that v.42bis and MNP5 provided it with modems back in the days of bulletin boards and speeds of 14,400 bps. It’s a compression scheme, with one end at your PC, and the other at the Opera website.

The idea that Opera hosts all this traffic at no user cost is fairly amazing to begin with, and apparently many people are discovering the difference in speed all the time.

from TechConnect

While we’d all love to have fast net connections everywhere we want to surf there’s always one or move locations where that isn’t possible. Aiming to improve our browsing experience in places with slower connections, the Opera Software team developed Opera Turbo, a compression technology which reduces the size of web pages up to 80% and thus speeds up interweb surfing.

Initially available only in the Opera Mobile phone browser, Opera Turbo was presented to PC users with the release of Opera 10 on September 1st. It seems that this expansion of Opera Turbo was met with success as some 3 million users have activated an used the technology over the first month following the arrival of Opera 10, viewing almost 668 million compressed web pages.

“The numbers tell us that Opera Turbo solves critical bandwidth issues. People everywhere experience either slow, congested networks or must pay as they go for Web access. It is an issue that affects everyone, from the business traveler to the Internet café user. Opera Turbo has become universally useful,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software.

To get a feel of Opera Turbo try Opera 10 on your PC or Opera Mini 4.2 on your mobile phone.

To use it, look in the Tools drop down, go to Quick Preferences, and then click on Enable Turbo Mode – you should notice a difference almost immediately. (this is for Opera 10, I have not used Opera on my phone yet, but with the addition of a new memory card, i will, and will report on that usage.)


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