There was a time when the two leaders of the electronics market, Best Buy and Circuit City, controlled a major portion of the market.  But when Circuit City closed its doors, it left only Best Buy as the major retailer to deal with. But in stepped Walmart with a revamped electronics section and now it seems that the mega retailer will be going into the home installation business as well.

A recent article states:

An official launch date for Walmart’s install service has not been announced, but HotHardware reports that the install services will be in place in time for the holiday shopping season. With Black Friday only about a month away, that should mean very soon.

The Walmart service will be a partnership with N.E.W. Customer Service Companies and will offer install services for items that Walmart sells. The service will reportedly be purchased as a prepaid card with price ranging from $99 to $399. Buyers can get all sorts of services form WiFi setup to full home theater installs. The service will also include a tutorial for the buyer on how to work their device after the install.

I certainly hope that this report is accurate and that Walmart will join the home installation market. I am a firm believer in the more competition there is the better it is for us consumers. Having just Best Buy by itself leaves much to be desired when it comes to the pricing of services.

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