Without bookmarks, the Web browser would be a very lonely and isolated tool. I bookmark a decent amount of content each and every day, and if I didn’t have that functionality, I’d definitely forget about a lot of important stuff. Without a doubt, my online experience would be very different and not nearly as good, however, the problem with standard bookmarks is that many times you only want to save a portion of a Web page instead of the entire thing. In fact, I’m willing to say that the majority of my bookmarks are overloaded with content that I don’t want that gets in the way of the content that I do want. Clipmarks is a selective bookmarking tool that encourages you to save the best parts of Web pages.

By using a provided bookmarklet in Firefox, Flock, or Internet Explorer, you can easily save the specific content that you want directly to your account. E-mailing, blogging, and searching through your clips is also incredibly simple. As if that is not enough, Clipmarks also provides social features that let members discuss and “pop” content that they like to the top of the list for others to see. Now this is what bookmarking should be.