Everywhere you turn, there’s someone talking about cloud computing lately. Let’s face it — it’s a hot concept. However, there is a large difference of opinion as to what cloud computing even means, much as there is with “Web 2.0.” To some, cloud computing is simply another term for virtually anything you do on the Internet. To others, it’s more specifically virtual servers. It gets fuzzy when you try to nail down a full description of what cloud computing really is.

To me, cloud computing is simply anything I can do online, instead of having to rely on software on my computer. There are full applications available now that cover everything from picture editing to paper writing to handling your taxes… and it’s all done from within your browser. How much easier can it get to simply go to a Web site and do what you need to do, instead of having to buy and install software, make sure it’s compatible with your system and other software, launch the program every time… you get where I’m going. Cloud computing, by my definition at least, just makes life so much simpler.

How do you define cloud computing, and what are your thoughts on the whole thing?

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