Speaking from experience, being a mom and holding down a full-time job is a challenge. For me, the challenge is in getting the routine tasks done, such as making lunches and dinners, doing laundry, cleaning the house, etc. It all comes down to planning and cooperation.

Over the years, I’ve adopted some great tips from other working moms to reduce the chaos and stress level. Here are a few great tips to survive as a working mom:

Get a Huge Family Calendar

I actually took this one-step further and painted my son’s entire wall in chalkboard paint. Every Sunday we write down our week on the chalkboard, including activities, chores, upcoming tests, etc. Each night before bed, we glance at the calendar to see what is up for the next day.

Prepare the Night Before

Although it is hard to do after a long day when everyone is tired, doing some planning the night before will make the morning much easier. This might include packing lunches before bed and laying out clothes (including your own). For me, ironing my work clothes the night meant getting out the door on time the next morning.

Pre-Plan Meals

Making meals ahead of time or even planning your meals for the week will make dinners a cinch. When you cook dinners, consider doubling the recipe and freezing half for nights when you do not have time to cook.

Plan your own Work Schedule

If you can, plan your schedule so your family and your co-workers know work hours. For example, schedule your hours so you can leave the office by a certain time on certain days. Furthermore, designate which days of the week you are available to work late.

Assign Chores

Getting your family to help with chores is important — whether it is walking the dogs, cleaning up any dirty dishes, or putting away laundry. Even the smallest of chores will be one less chore you need to take care of.

Schedule Family Night

With busy schedules, quality family time often goes by the wayside. Designate one night out of the week as family night.

Finally, as a busy mom, it is important to take care of yourself!

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