Peter, what do you mean you don’t have the activation code?

Lois, c’mere and let me show you my hard drive. (more like a floppy drive, Peter)

Kill Bill – Gates, that is (the foul demon).

Hey Dad, what’s a computer?

Why does it say Giggity Giggity whenever I hit enter?

Windows works right into my plan for world domination: I’ll keep using Ubuntu.

Ballmer.  Hee hee hee.  Get it?  Ballmer.

The old guy down the street offered to teach me Windows 7.

Peter, I told you when we got married: I don’t do Windows.

Wow, this is even better than Windows ME!

They want a hundred bucks for THAT?

Wow – Aero is even uglier than Meg.

Things are now harder to find than Seth Green’s career.

You – Dog.  Explain this internet thing to me.


If I’m a good little blogger, can I have Mila Kunis for Christmas?