Normally I would say that threatening to open up your own ISP is not going to ensure more broadband choices in your town. However if it is merely a matter of the ISPs dragging their feet and they are slowly moving this direction, then clearly seeing your city threatening to start its own fiber option is certainly one approach to getting the ISP’s attention.

The above linked article is an exception to the rule. Normally a city is not going to bother with something like this, especially in this economy. But there are likely some regions that are full of people who are more than willing to help their city pay for it. Could be interesting.

I am lucky as I am free from the nightmare that is known as cable broadband. While others are bouncing up and down the “peak time” train along with whatever bandwidth limiting stupidity is being set forth this time, I enjoy FiOS with 20up and 20down. Yes, it is as fast as it sounds. It should be noted that FiOS access was one of the considerations when we had our home built. Location is everything these days it seems. And if I had stayed in my old home town merely 30+ mile north, I would have been able to get DSL maybe, most likely cable only. Qwest does not have fiber in that area. I am now living in Verizon country. Thank goodness for that.

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