Who could have ever imagined that Mozilla would have been chasing down the pride of Microsoft and its Internet Explorer browser? Well it seems that the mighty are falling and that Firefox is continuing to gain market share. But to pick up some 30 million more users in just 8 weeks is truly amazing. Amazing even to those at Mozilla who stated in a recent article the following:

Mozilla’s open-source Firefox browser has gained 30 million users over the past eight weeks, as it continues to gain on Internet Explorer.

Chief executive John Lilly revealed the increase in user adoption in a Twitter post on Monday, and Tristan Nitot, president of Mozilla Europe, confirmed it to ZDNet UK on Tuesday.

“We’ve seen a significant increase in the number of users for Firefox,” said Nitot. “Firefox checks for new versions every 24 hours, when it’s running, and when it checks, it pings the Mozilla server. We count the number of pings.”

Nitot explained that counting the requests gives Mozilla the number of active daily users. To calculate the number of monthly users, the organisation multiplies the number of active daily users by three, to adjust for days when people are not browsing.

Over the past eight weeks, Mozilla has seen an average increase of 10 million daily users, from approximately 103 million to 113 million. That translates to a total of approximately 330 million monthly users .

“It’s amazing to have 330 million users,” said Nitot. “That’s the size of the population of the USA.”

After using Outlook Express for years I finally made the change over to Mozilla Thunderbird as my email software for my Gmail account. Thus far it has been working just fine and is a definite improvement over Windows Live mail which left much to be desired when I used it in Windows 7. Enough said.

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PS Make sure you update Firefox 3 to 3.5.4