Here is the review of the Windows operating system. See what you think:

Streamlined interface; better performance on many systems; easier and more capable networking;

It’s spiffier, with both aesthetic and functional redesigns.

We found the first release of it expensive and occasionally annoying–nagging screen and pop-up bubbles galor.

Like any radical overhaul, it takes some getting used to–we often lost patience with it–but, after time, it’s hard not to like the new design.

Despite hefty system requirements and some not-so-obvious touting of Microsoft’s business partners, you’ll want to consider an upgrade–if not immediately, certainly the next time you buy a PC.

This was a review of Windows XP on 09-03-2001 by Matt Lake over at C/Net.  My point is that every new operating system is the best ever. Really. Trust us. LOL

C/Net review

PS I took the liberty of cutting out some stuff and removing XP trying to conceal the version.